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We are a small Idaho based company dedicated to bringing the very best DMSO products to market.
Like you, we suffer from pain at different times throughout the day. Headaches, lower back pain, leg pain, joint pain you name it.

Life just gets in the way of having a good time. DMSO is a product I have been using since my football days of high school. In those days you could only get DMSO in an industrial strength and only from Oregon of from Florida. It was illegal everywhere else.
My coaches would use it on us frequently for strains sprains and the occasional cuts and bruises. I believe they had access to DMSO because of the horses they had. I figured, if it was good enough for a million dollar race horse than why not good enough to try on myself.

Throughout the years since the 80’s, I have done extensive research on this “miracle” drug. My time spent, has brought me to the conclusion that this is truly a remarkable drug in every sense of the word.
I use it daily, my family uses it every time they have strains, bruises, sore muscles or even acne.
It works for us and I know it will work for you.

You can contact us at anytime through email of phone calls. We will try our best as a company, to answer any questions you may have. If we can't answer the question, I will personally try to find an answer for you.

Thanks for allowing us to provide the very best DMSO products available to the open market.


Charlie Bagley

Nampa, ID 83686 / USA 1.208.713.5728

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