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There are a few Characteristics that accompany DMSO.

This short document is designed to answer a few of those questions and help make you aware of DMSO properties.

** If you have purchased a product with a “spritzer,” may we suggest, rinsing the spritzer off after use and storing the DMSO product with the original cap.


  1. DMSO freezes at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Please don’t be alarmed if your DMSO is frozen. Simply place the sealed DMSO in a warm water bath and it will thaw with no loss or degradation. (do not place it in the microwave) Make sure the water is warm but not hot. If the DMSO reaches 140 degrees, it will likely degrade its potency.
  1. Always use a clean item when applying DMSO. That is to say, cotton, horse hair brushes or your hands. One-time medical applicators are fine to use. Most are sterile and can be used 1 time.
  1. If you use your hands to apply, wash with just water. It is a good idea to rinse with water VS. soap and water. Whatever is on your skin when applied, will be pulled into the bloodstream with the DMSO.
  1. Always clean the affected area well before application. We suggest using DMSO after a shower or bath. It's not necessary if the area is cleaned well first. Avoid using any perfumes, lotions or skin conditioners until after the DMSO has completely dried.
  1. Please give the DMSO a chance to dry before covering the area with clothing. Dyes can be transferred via DMSO into your bloodstream.
  1. Please do not use rubber, vinyl or nitrile gloves when applying DMSO. Remember DMSO is a solvent, taking chances of leaching should always be avoided. Bare hands are much better than gloves.

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