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Top 7 reasons for using Lemon Essential oil in DMSO

  1. Spiritual Experience:

 Lemon essential oil has long been known to connect both the spiritual and physical being awareness. This particular oil also helps with mental clarity and thought.

  1. Stomach issues:

Lemon oil is a carminative substance, working to help and eliminate several stomach issues. Including, acidity leading to upset stomach and heartburn. Help with menstrual cramping and greater indigestion.



  1. Cleanser:

More often than not, our bodies just need a cleanser. Kidneys, Liver, and digestive tract, all need a tune-up now and again. Lemon does this as well as being am antifungal, anti-disinfectant agent.

  1. Concentration:

Lemon essential oil helps by enhancing both alertness and concentration. This oil also aids in creating an uplifting mood, increasing energy and of course, mental clarity.

  1. Immune support:

Lemon essential oil is high in vitamin content, which makes it incredibly useful in boosting the immune system. Yes, it will help fight colds, kill germs and most importantly, the flu. This oil also helps with the aid of building greater white cell counts. Thus helping fight many common diseases that are prevalent in hospitals and in public arenas. If you have circulation issues, lemon oil will certainly help.

  1. Weight loss:

Interestingly enough, Lemon essential oil can help you lose weight. Combined with DMSO, this blend makes an incredible weight loss and management tool.  Applying topically or ingesting the liquid infused with lemon oil can help reduce appetite.

  1. Asthma/Allery:

If you suffer from allergies, lemon essential oils can help reduce and in some cases, eliminate allergic reactions. Simply applying the infused gel on both the bottom of your feet and behind your ears can lessen the allergy to a natural manageable state.

Now you know why we use Lemon Essential oils in our blends. Please take the time to try it for yourself.

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