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zit smallUsing DMSO to Eliminate Acne

DMSO as an aid in clearing Acne.
I have been aware of the anti-microbial properties of DMSO for many years now. Several white papers such as this article in science direct, show just how effective DMSO is as a microbial deterrent. Having read many an article about these properties and the uses of DMSO in microbiology, I decided to try DMSO on Acne. 

I know, it sounds pretty simple, especially after having read a few white papers from the journal of medicine and the Journal of pharmaceutical sciences.
How better to tell if it works that to run a clinical study on myself. So……I did just that. The purest form of DMSO at 99.995% seems to work best. While being a little too harsh to apply to a larger surface area, I have found that certain areas of my skin react with a “rash” and burn if applied as the 99.995%.


That having been said, I have a tendency to acquire “ingrown hairs” on my neck from shaving. As part of my clinical study, I applied DMSO in the 99.995% solution to a small area that was beginning to show redness. The time was 7:00 pm on a Wed. night. Then I just went about my business that evening.

 The next day I assumed my morning routine without thinking twice about my neck. That evening, my wife inquired as to how the test was coming on my neck. Honestly, I had forgotten to even look.

While looking, she inquired, “Where was it again?” I felt around but felt no sign of the bump or soreness. Standing in front of the mirror, I could see a very faint red spot on my neck. Once again, I applied DMSO before bed. That next morning even the redness was gone and I could not find the spot.

Now I know that this wasn’t much of a controlled scientific study, but the stuff really does get rid of Acne. My family, which consists of 3 teenagers, use a mixture of DMSO 65% and Aloe Vera 35% to control and eliminate Acne. 

The solution has worked so well, I felt compelled to share my findings with you.
Straight DMSO at 99.995% works best in spot treating small areas. DMSO Gel in a 65% /35% mixture works well in larger areas without the burn associated with the straight solution.

My girls have found that a 50% / 50% solution gel of DMSO and Aloe Gel, works best for their more “sensitive skin”.
What I can tell you is this, it works great for our family. I hope that you and your family will enjoy it’s various uses as much as our family does.

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