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DMSO Liquid

Order DMSO Liquid in Cobalt Blue Bottles in a variety of sizes. Simply click on the link below and order Today!
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New DMSO Gel in both scented and unscented. Our scented Gel has a very light Orange scent and is 100% Organic. 
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Roll on Travel Size

DMSO Travel

New Travel sized containers. Easily concealed and easy to refill. Perfect for travel, your purse or gym bag.
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Customer Service 98.7%
Customer Satisfaction 99.2%
Overall Rating 98.3%
DMSO Effectiveness 98.78%
DMSO Purity 100%
Return Customers 98.83%

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about us
“My feet hurt so bad, that even the easiest of chores became unbearable. I use DMSO liquid every morning so that I can actually function and take care of my family. What a blessing it is in my life. Thanks, pharmaDMSO, I appreciate the purity of your products.”
Lorinda Lorinda  Domestic Engineer
“I have been using DMSO since my days in Football in high School. In those days past, DMSO was illegal in all but 2 states, Florida and Oregon. I continue to use DMSO daily on everything from sprains to sunburns. It is an honor to be able to offer Pharma Grade DMSO to the public.”
Charlie Charlie Bagley
President / PharmaDMSO
We used it Tuesday eve and her pain level has been at a 0 to 1 since then, at least thru last night, going in to the 4th day. That is astounding by any stretch. 
Clem Clem Dedicated PharmaDMSO client
“So far, this DMSO gel has been a miracle pain reliever for my shoulder arthritis.  I hope it continues since I can finally sleep!.”
Kevin Kevin  Devoted Customer

Easy Steps To Pain Management

Let’s start making your Health a resounding success today
1. Identify Pain Causes t's important to know where and why the pain is there in the first place. Pain is a good thing, it's our bodies way of letting us know there is an issue. Identifying the cause may be tricky and need the help of your primary care physician.
2. Deciding on Proper Treatment We believe treatment is a personal choice. You know your body and needs more than anyone else. Study all you can about the treatments you seek. We at PharmaDMSO will do everything we can to help.
3. Go for It!DMSO is truly a miracle substance and used properly can aliviate so many differnt ailments. Use DMSO responsibly for a better more productive you!

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