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MSDSFor those who would like to know more about our safety datat sheet...Here is that informtaion.

s5 logoThanks for purchasing your DMSO from us. We appreciate your business and would like to welcome you to our family.

There are a few Characteristics that accompany DMSO.

This short document is designed to answer a few of those questions and help make you aware of DMSO properties.

** If you have purchased a product with a “spritzer,” may we suggest, rinsing the spritzer off after use and storing the DMSO product with the original cap.



Often, I receive questions about different medical situations. Helping is one of the many things that makes me tick. Where I can, I will offer opinions based on personal experience or the experience of others.

PharmaDmso cannot, by law or by conscience, offer any medical advice. Please take a minute to read through our Medical disclaimer.

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