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arthretic handsUsing DMSO for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is a much more difficult subject than you probably imagine. Seems we have a tendency to lump all arthritis sufferers into a specific age group or a specific body type.

The truth is that arthritis affects nearly 50 million Americans today. There are over 70 million arthritic pain sufferers worldwide. There is no real age barrier for Arthritis, it can affect anyone from young children to the aged.

In this series of articles, we will talk a little about the 2 different kinds of arthritis and how DMSO can be helpful to restore agility and mobility to those who suffer from its effects.

Free radicalsDMSO as a Free Radical Scavenger
Free Radicals
Free Radicals by definition, is an atom or molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons and are incredibly reactive. Constantly seeking electrons from other sources in tissue, the molecules search diligently to find electrons to pair up with.
Free Radicals are a group of elements that form in normal daily situations. These situations include environmental chemicals and sunlight.
Through the course of normal cellular respiration and metabolisms, free radicals continue to form, causing tissue and cellular damage.

Top 7 reasons for using Lemon Essential oil in DMSO

  1. Spiritual Experience:

 Lemon essential oil has long been known to connect both the spiritual and physical being awareness. This particular oil also helps with mental clarity and thought.

  1. Stomach issues:

Lemon oil is a carminative substance, working to help and eliminate several stomach issues. Including, acidity leading to upset stomach and heartburn. Help with menstrual cramping and greater indigestion.

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