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I thought it prudent to actually let people know what others are saying about our products.

 This last few years have been wonderful for our business. We are indebted to everyone of our clients. Because of you, we continue to grow and develop new products.

Questions to ask before buying or trying CBD Oil.

CBD oil 1For some time now I have been contemplating whether to add CBD oil to our product line or not. As many of you have seen, the CBD oil industry has become a jungle to navigate. Not just a jungle, but a mass of tangled misinformation and outright lies.

Personally, I have been worn down by the hype and excessive marketing strategies of CBD oil and THC products as well. Not everyone will benefit from CBD oil. Not to mention it’s expensive. That having been said, you and our clients, have repeatedly asked for CBD oil products as an offering here at PharmaDMSO.

Top 5 reasons we use Bergamot Essential Oils

bergamot 1554302 960 720Here in the US we rarely hear about exotic fruits such as Bergamot. Personally, without the research that is so readily available, I would have completed my life without ever using this miraculous plant. Thanks to the incredible research provided on the subject, we have included Bergamot oil with great success.

Bergamot is a spicy scented citrus fruit that grows primarily in Italy originally from Turkey. The fruit is believed to be a derivative of a cross between Seville orange and a pear lemon plants. Its medicinal properties have been exploited for centuries. Here I have listed the top 5 reasons we use Bergamot essential oils in our DMSO blends

It is noteworthy that there are hundreds of health benefits that this article does not cover.

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