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sadsmallELEVATE, help in the face of S.A.D. disorder. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

We now know that there are as many as 43,000,000 (43 million Americans) suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). With both mild and severe cases experiencing re-occurrence in September October and the remainder of the winter.

Exercise and light therapy are very effective, in approximately 65-90% of all reported cases. Taking prescribed medications has also been proven effective. However, there are side effects, that some feel outweighs the benefits of taking those medications. 

DMSO chain1WHAT is DMSO? 
DMSO is short for Dimethyl sulfoxide. Just as the name implies, it is a sulfur-based natural occurring solution. Actually a byproduct of the papermaking process.
It is a clear solution with more than a few distinct properties. Most commonly known for the “garlic taste" one experiences when using this medicine. Not to mention the fact that you will smell. Interestingly enough, the smell is specific to that individual. To be more specific, when I take DSMO internally, it's been said that I smell like....tomatoes, silage, and even sardines! Personally, I guess a little odor in exchange for no for me.


WHat Does DMSO really do?What does DMSO really do?

My daughter is quite an athlete. At the tender age of 13, she plays sports as her life depended on it. Unfortunately, she is a mere 90 lb. small frame young lady that plays with the heart of a lion. A few weeks ago, she hyperextended her knee in a soccer game.

We did the usual, conventional healing techniques, ice, wrapping, and anti-inflammation meds. With some, but very limited, pain relief.

 The next week as we prepared for the upcoming game, she asked me what to do to alleviate the pain she was feeling.

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